Diodes: PN Junction, Types, Construction and Working

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In general, all the electronic devices need DC power supply but it is impossible to generate DC power so, we need an alternative to get some DC power thus the usage of diodes comes into the picture to convert AC power to DC power. A diode is a tiny electronic component used in almost all the electronic circuits to enable the flow of current in only one direction (unidirectional device). We can say that the usage of semiconductor materials to build the electronic components was started with diodes. Before the invention of diode there were with vacuum tubes, where the applications of both these devices are similar but the size occupied by the vacuum tube will be much greater than the diodes. The construction of vacuum tubes is a bit complex and they are difficult to maintain when compared with the semiconductor diodes. Few applications of diodes are rectification, amplification, electronic switch, conversion of electrical energy into light energy and light energy into electrical energy.

  1. Diodes: PN Junction, Types, Construction and Working. 1
  2. What is diode?. 1
  3. Formation of P and N-type semiconductors: 2
  4. P-N Junction Diode: 3
  5. P-N Junction Theory: 4
  6. Diode in Forward Bias: 5
  7. Diode in Reverse bias: 5
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