ATL Equipment list

ATL - ATL Equipment list Recommended by NITI AAYOG     
Componenet Type: P1 (Electronic Devleopment, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors)
CategoryNameDescription Quantity
Electronics DevelopmentArduino UNO R3An ATmega328p based microcontroller boards with 14 I/O pins, 6 PWM outputs & 6 analog Inputs.20
Electronics DevelopmentArduino NanoHardware Development Board5
Electronics DevelopmentArduino MegaHardware Development Board5
Electronics DevelopmentRASPBERRY PI 3RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+5
Electronics DevelopmentBreadboards & Mini BreadboardSolderless 400 pin breadboard20
Electronics DevelopmentBreadboards & Mini BreadboardSolderless 800 pin breadboard10
Electronics DevelopmentSelf Adhesive Proto ShieldMini Breadboard 170 points10
Electronics DevelopmentGeneral Purpose solderable BoardFR2 A Grade Material (140 x 90 mm)20
FR2 A Grade Material (80 x 55 mm)20
Female Berg Strip 40 pins20
Male Berg Strip 40 pins20
Electronics Development16x2 LCD display With I2CDot matrix LDC display with 16 characters x 2 lines30
Electronics DevelopmentUSB Cables (A-B)USB Cable Set (A to B) 12 inches10
Electronics DevelopmentUSB Cables (Mini)12 inches10
Electronics DevelopmentBattery9-12V 2000 to 2500 mAh rechargeable battery with 2 chargers. Equivalent or better10
Electronics DevelopmentResisitor Kit(0,1.5,4.7,10,47,100,220,330,470,680,1k,2.2k,3.3k,4.7k,10k,22k, 47k,100k,330k,1M) Ohm20
20 x 0Ohm Resistor20
20 x 1.5Ohm Resistor20
20 x 4.7Ohm Resistor20
20 x 10Ohm Resistor20
20 x 47Ohm Resistor20
20 x 100Ohm Resistor20
20 x 220Ohm Resistor20
20 x 330Ohm Resistor20
20 x 470Ohm Resistor20
20 x 680Ohm Resistor20
20 x 1kOhm Resistor20
20 x 2.2kOhm Resistor20
20 x 3.3kOhm Resistor20
20 x 4.7kOhm Resistor20
20 x 10kOhm Resistor20
20 x 22kOhm Resistor20
20 x 47kOhm Resistor20
20 x 100kOhm Resistor20
20 x 330kOhm Resistor20
20 x 1MOhm Resistor20
Electronics DevelopmentCapacitor Kit20
20 x 10pF Capacitor20
20 x 22pF Capacitor20
20 x 100pF Capacitor20
20 x 1nF Capacitor20
20 x 10nF Capacitor20
20 x 100nF Capacitor20
20 x 1uF Capacitor20
20 x 10uF Capacitor20
20 x 100uF Capacitor20
20 x 1000uF Capacitor20
Electronics DevelopmentLinear Voltage Regulator1 each of 7805, 7812 & 780930
Electronics DevelopmentWater Pump moduleDC12V 3W Submersible Water Pump2
Electronics DevelopmentPiezoelectric PlateNormal Copper based 4 cm Diameter approx20
Electronics Development8*8 LED Matrix ModuleMax7219 Dot LED Matrix Module Mcu Control LED Display Module5
Electronics DevelopmentBluetoothHC 05 Working voltage 5 Volt10
Electronics Development7 Segment Led DisplayLED 4-Digit Display Module w/ Clock Point / 4-Pin Dupont Line for Arduino ( 20cm )10
Electronics DevelopmentGSMSim800L Gprs Transfer Board Micro Sim Gsm Core Ttl Port Module for Arduino2
Electronics DevelopmentGPSGY-NEO6MV2 new GPS module2
Electronics DevelopmentLaser Diode650Nm 6Mm 5V Dc 5Mw Mini Laser Dot Diode Module10
Electronics DevelopmentLDR ModulePhotosensitive Ldr Light Sensor Module30
Electronics DevelopmentKeypadUniversial 16 Key Switch Keypad5
Electronics DevelopmentJoy StickJoystick Module for Arduino5
Electronics DevelopmentActive Buzzersmall 5 volt30
big 5 volt30
Electronics DevelopmentMotor driverL293d5
Electronics DevelopmentSound Playback ModuleVoice Board Recording Recorder Playback Module on Board Microphone with Mic Sound Audio Loudspeaker5
Electronics DevelopmentBO Motors With WheelSide Shaft BO Motor20
Electronics DevelopmentNode MCU / Wemos D1WIFI Internet Development Board Module Node MCU5
Electronics DevelopmentVibrating MotorVibrating Motor30
Electronics DevelopmentAlligator ConnectorsMulti Colour Alligator Connectors100
Electronics DevelopmentBattery clips with DC Jack9 volt battery clips with DC Jack20
Electronics DevelopmentHookup Wires Red & Black set 100 Meters each2
Electronics DevelopmentJumper CableMale-Male 500
Male-Female 300
Female-Female 200
Electronics DevelopmentRGB LEDsRegular 5mm 3-5 volt Range100
Electronics DevelopmentLEDs (Red)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range500
Electronics DevelopmentLEDs (Green)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range500
Electronics DevelopmentLEDs (Blue)Regular 5mm 3-5 volt Range500
Electronics DevelopmentDiode & Transistor kit15 assortment of Diodes & Transistors
Diode IN4007 or IN40043
Diode IN41483
2N3904 BC547 Transistor3
2N3906 BC557 Transistor3
Zener IN47383
Electronics DevelopmentPush Button Switch Set100 button switch,push ,toggle, rotary, selector & slider
Tactile Switch Micro - 12X12X13mm25
Toggle Switch25
Slide Switch25
Rotary Potentiometer25
Electronics Development555 timer ic555 timer ic50
Electronics DevelopmentAtmega16u2Individual IC (DIP)5
Electronics DevelopmentCapacitative touch Switch moduleMPR12110
Electronics DevelopmentCapacitative Touch SwitchTTP223B, 1 Switch5
Internet of Things & SensorsIR Sensors, Obstacle avoider sensorDetection range & detection angle (LM393 based)10
Internet of Things & SensorsTriple Axis Magnetometer3-Axis Magnetoresistive(GY-271, HMC5883L or similar)5
I2C Digital Interface
Integrated 12-bit ADC
Range of -8 to +8 Gauss
160 Hz Maximum Output Rate
Internet of Things & SensorsHumidity SensorOperating range: 20 - 95 % RH5
Temperature: 0 - 60 Celsius
Power supply: 1.5V AC(Max sine)
Operating frequency: 500Hz - 2kHz
Internet of Things & SensorsMQ SeriesMQ-4 Methane Natural Gas Sensor2
MQ-3 Alcohol - Ethanol Sensor2
MQ-7 High Sensitivity CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Detector2
MQ - 2 Smoke Detection2
MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor2
Internet of Things & SensorsIR Transmitter Receiver TSOP 1738, Switching rate – 38 KHz5
Internet of Things & SensorsUltrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR-04 or compatible30
Quiescent current
Working current
Effectual angle
Ranging distance
Working angle & dimension
Internet of Things & SensorsTriple Axis accelerometer3-axis sensing 5
Small, low profile package
4 mm × 4 mm × 1.45 mm LFCSP
Low Power : 350 μA (typical)
Single-supply operation: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
Temperature stability
Internet of Things & SensorsPIR Motion Detector ModuleHigh digital pulse when motion detected10
Low digital pulse when idle /no motion detected
Sensitivity range (upto 6 m)
Power supply: 5V – 12V
Internet of Things & SensorsPulse Rate Heart SensorPulse Rate Sensor Finger Basedwore on the finger or earlobe Working voltage 3-5V2
Internet of Things & SensorsRelay Module5V 10A 2 Channel Relay Module10
Internet of Things & SensorsSoil Moisture SensorSoil Moisture Detection Humidity Sensor Module3
Internet of Things & SensorsTouch SensorCapacitive Touch Sensor Module3
Internet of Things & SensorsMetal touch sensor module3
Internet of Things & SensorsRain Drop SensorRain Sensitive , Rain Drop Detection Sensor Module3
Internet of Things & SensorsFlex SensorFlex Sensor 2.2 Inches3
Internet of Things & SensorsTemperature SensorTemperature Sensor Lm3520
Internet of Things & SensorsForce Pressure Sensorforce sensitive resistor with a square, 1.75x1.5", sensing area2
Internet of Things & SensorsColor Recognition SensorTCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor2
Internet of Things & SensorsWater Flow SensorArduino Compatible2
Internet of Things & SensorsSound SensorSound Sensor Module, Microphones module5
Internet of Things & SensorsIR Sensors Arrary for Line FollwingIR Sensors Arrary for Line Follwing5
Internet of Things & Sensors10000 Mh 5 volt Power Bank10000 Mh 5 volt Power Bank5
Internet of Things & SensorsRFID Reader – TagsCurrent :13-26mA / DC 3.3V5
Idle Current :10-13mA / DC 3.3V
Sleep Current<80uA
Peak Current<30mA
Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz<30mA
Read range between 20 cm to 1 m
Internet of Things & SensorsRF Modules Tx & Rx 315 MHz ASKFrequency Range: 433.92/315 MHz5
Supply Voltage: 3 – 6 V
Output Power : 4 – 16 Dbm
Low power consumption
Easy application
RoboticsStepper motor with Driver board28BYJ-48 ULN2003 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board5
RoboticsDC motor12V DC Gear 150 RPM12
RoboticsServo motorsPosition Servo Angle based Metal Gear5
Small Servo Metal Gear5
Continuous Metal Gear Servo 3605
Small Servo Plastic Gear30
Robotics150 RPM BO Motor150 RPM BO Motor10
RoboticsL298P Motor Driver L298P Motor Driver Shield or relative Driver Shield5
RoboticsServo Motor TesterCCPM 3 channel Servo Tester2
TextileSewing KitSemi Automatic sewing machine with consumables1
DIY KitRobotics DIY Kit4 wheel robotic kit5
DIY KitMechanical (Modular) Construction kitShould be compatible with electronics5
DIY KitSTEM learning/application KitDrone Kit1
DIY KitAerospace Kit1
DIY KitAutomobile Kit1
DIY KitBio-medical Kit1
DIY KitAgritech Kit1
DIY KitBio-tech Kit1
DIY KitWater/Sanitation Kit1
DIY KitOther potential STEM application Kit1 - ATL Equipment List Recommended by NITI AAYOG
Componenet Type: P2 (Rapid Prototyping Tools)
Rapid Prototyping Tools3D Printer Kit and tools MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS:
Printer Type : FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling )
Minimum Dimensions: 160mm*160mm*160mm Build Size or 4 litre build volume.
Nozzle : 0.3mm to 0.4mm nozzle diameter
Slicing Softwares should be Free or Open Source
LCD Screen UI that displays print metrics
Good quality anti-bacterial fungal cover
Rapid Prototyping ToolsUPS Microtek Dedicated UPS/Power back up with a 2 hour battery back up at least1
Rapid Prototyping ToolsFilament for 3D printer Compitable 700/1000 Grams Filament 5
Rapid Prototyping ToolsFilament Storage Box5
Rapid Prototyping ToolsSet of Arts & Crafts Accessories – eg- stationary items and basic prototyping materialcard Board5
foam core boards5
popscicle sticks100
wood glue1 btl - ATL Equipment List Recommended by NITI AAYOG
Component Type: P3 (Mechanical, Electrical & Measurement Tools)
CategoryNameDescription Quantity
Mechanical ToolsHacksaw (Junior)150mm Junior Hacksaw - Stanley 1
Mechanical Tools Hacksaw Blade 10
Mini Hacksaw 254mm Mini Hacksaw -Stanley 1
Mini Hacksaw Blade10
Mechanical ToolsPliersExternal Straight -Stanley1
Nose Circlip Plier -Stanley1
Long Nose Plier -Stanley1
Combination Mini Plier -Stanley1
Wire stripping pliers -Stanley1
Bent nose plier -Stanley1
Needle nose pliers -Stanley1
Mechanical ToolsBall Pen HammerBall Pen Hammer - 54-118 Stanley1
Mechanical ToolsSteel Shaft Claw HammerClaw Hammer Steel Shaft 51-152 Stanley1
Mechanical ToolsC-ClampMetal Clamp 3 " Inch szie stanley4
Mechanical ToolsAllen Key Set10 Piece Ring Imperial Allen Hex key Stanley1
Mechanical ToolsDrilling WorkstationWorkstation for drilling 1
Mechanical ToolsSpanner Set12 piece combination Spanner Set Stanley1
Mechanical ToolsRatcheting Screwdriver Set30 Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set1
Mechanical ToolsVice NormalTable top vice fitted to the table1
Mechanical ToolsPrecision Screw Driver Set6 Piece Precision Screw Driver Set3
Mechanical ToolsAdjustable Universal Multi Wrench Spannerstanley STMT74893-82
Mechanical ToolsWire StrippersWire Stripper Cutter Plier With Spring -26x6x20 Cms (LxWxH)5
Mechanical ToolsScrewdriverMulti-purpose5
Mechanical ToolsTool SetMulti-purpose3
Mechanical ToolsCordless DrillCordless Drill with 2 Battery Pack1
Mechanical ToolsRubber Air Pump Cleaner Dust BlowerRubber Air Pump Cleaner Dust Blower2
Mechanical ToolsDrill Bit SetHigh Quality 13 Pcs HSS Drill Bits Set For for Wood, Iron, Aluminium, Plastic etc1
Mechanical ToolsFile set6 Inches1
Mechanical ToolsFlexible Cutting MatA/3 Size With Marked Pattern And Grids (18" X 12")2
Mechanical ToolsPlastic Tool Box with OrganizerFor Keeping tools2
Mechanical ToolsPegBoardPeg board System to mount tools on wall.1
Electric ToolsHot glue gun Range in open space (Standard Conditions) 2
Electric ToolsSoldering KitVariable Wattage of Soldering Iron: 15-30 watts/230 volts2
Soldering Iron Temperature Range: 280°C to 450°C
De-Soldering Pump, Soldering Flux (Paste) ,DE-soldering Copper Braid
(Solder Wick)
Soldering Wire: 20/22 AWG soldering Wire with rosin core flux (100 Grams)
Electric Tools AdaptersDC power Adapter with 5V, 12V10
Electric ToolsElectric Screw Driver Set1
Electric ToolsDual Temperature Heat Gun1800 W Dual Temperature Heat Gun1
Electric ToolsSoldering Helping hand2
Measurement ToolsReturn measuring tape Return measuring tape 5Mx19mm 2
Measurement ToolsStainless Steel RuleStainless Steel 12” / 150 mm Rule5
Measurement ToolsDigital Vernier Caliper150 mm / 6” Digital Vernier Caliper2
Measurement ToolsSpirit Level12” Spirit Level1
Measurement ToolsDigital Pen electric TesterVoltage tester1
Measurement ToolsDigital Multi Meter·       Digital Multi Meter Voltage Current Resistance-7 functions + 19 ranges to cover DC voltage 200mV to 1kV, 5
·       AC voltage 200 V - 750 V,
·       DC current 200 µA - 10 A
·       Resistance 200 -2 M Ohm and Transistor & diode test. - ATL Equipment List Recommended by NITI AAYOG
Componenet Type: P4 (Power Supply & Accessories and Safety Equipments)
CategoryNameDescription Quantity
Power Supply & accessoriesGlue Sticks11 mm x 200mm Hot Melt Glue Stick50
Power Supply & accessoriesNuts and Bolts and screwVarious Size 20 each20
Power Supply & accessoriesCable TieSmall , Medium, Big in pack of 100 each5
Power Supply & accessoriesSand PaperVarious Grit-80 4pcs 100 4pcs 120 4pcs12
Power Supply & accessoriesPower Strip Adaptors5 Plug with Safety Fuse Standard Quality Extension, 3m wire10
Power Supply & accessoriesBulb HoldersRegular Hanging Bulb holder10
Power Supply & accessoriesElectric WiresTwisted Red black pair20 meters
Power Supply & accessoriesUSB TO dc jack cableUSB to DC jack cable for Battery bank10
Safety equipmentStandard first aid kit2
Safety equipmentFire extinguisher (handy units)Powder Type Fire Extinguisher 2KG2
Safety equipmentSafety goggles (with/ without LED torch)Safety Goggles for Chemical Splash and Smoke from Soldering20
Safety equipmentSafety Gloves PairsLatex Coating Gloves (Medium Size)5
Safety equipmentSafety MaskFiltering efficiency ranging 80 percent when tested against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particle10
Packaging, Banners, Posters