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We at RoBoWorks.in believe in mission to transform India by cultivating Innovation & entrepreneurship in schooling system.

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About Us

Born Genius vs Nurtured Genius? We, team believe in nurturing the Genius in each student by encouraging them to think about what they are doing with focused on enhancing the analytical ability and creative skills of the students. We have designed our courses to enhance interest of the students into robotics and technology through simple and inventive models.

We believe in coaching the students than teaching, thereby helping students in discovering and learning themselves. approach we provides more practical exposure along with more learning opportunities. We believe difficult concepts can be simplified and delivered for long lasting understanding and impact.

Our projects bring Creativity, Innovativeness and, Analytical ability in addition to self-confidence and team work within the Students. Our Robotics training programs help converting an Idea into Reality with the help of Technology. We plan our sessions to promote higher order thinking (HOTS) and broadening of perspective in field of engineering and Technology. These skill sets acquired of the students will make them successful and more employable in industry.

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“The mission to transform India into an innovative country”

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